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Integrated Forming Simulation System for
Virtual Tool Shop

Convenient, Accurate, and Robust JSTAMP/NV is an integrated forming simulation system for virtual tool shop based on IT environment.

As an integrated press forming simulation system for virtual tool shop the JSTAMP/NV meets the various industrial needs from the areas of automobile, electronics, iron and steel, etc. The JSTAMP/NV gives satisfaction to engineers, reliability to products, and robustness to tool shop via the advanced technology of the JSOL Corporation.

JSTAMP/NV includes various robust solvers, LS-DYNA, JOH/NIKE, and HYSTAMP, which are being renewed progressively.

JSTAMP/NV is widely used in many companies, mainly automobile companies and their suppliers, electronics, and steel/iron companies in Japan. The JSTAMP/NV will be the long-term solution of forming simulation software to companies who want to get reliability and efficiency through CAE technology as in Japan.

JSTAMP/NV gives special features with free of charge like solid blank forming or hot stamping simulation.

Springback Compensation

Crack/Wrinkle Evaluation (e.g. Dash Upper)

Trim Line Evaluation

Crack Evaluation
(e.g. Hood Inner)

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