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Integrated Forming Simulation System for
Virtual Tool Shop

JSTAMP/NV: Integrated Press Forming Simulation System
JSTAMP/NV JSTAMP/NV is an integrated forming simulation system for virtual tool shop where prototype to product manufacuring processes can be evaluated virtually. JSTAMP/NV meets the various industrial needs from automobile, electronics, iron and steel, etc. Main solvers of JSTAMP/NV are LS-DYNA, JOH/NIKE, and HYSTAMP. These solvers are being renewed actively. Next version you could meet the die face creator module with JSTAMP/NV.

JSTAMP/LT: Inverse Press Forming Simulation System
JSTAMP/LT JSTAMP/LT is an compact simulation system verifying design quality at the initial design stage. JSTAMP/LT gives advantages to determine initial blank line, trim line, and formability of the product designed before die tooling. JSTAMP/LT ensures high accuracy and extremely fast calculation in minutes with integration of the innovative inverse solver "HYSTAMP". Also, provides outstanding ease of use requiring no special training.

HYCRASH: Solution for Coupling between Forming and Crash/Impact Simulations
HYCRASH HYCRASH can make a input file considering forming effects from a general input file for crash/impact simulation without forming effects in LS-DYNA. Forming calculation is done automatically by HYSTAMP.

SmartPost: Compact 3D Viewer on Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Internet Explorer®
Smartpost SmartPost is a free 3D viewer which can evaluate the result of JSTAMP/NV with 3D animation. Even if the PC does not have the license, not only animation but also the changing various sights or zooming is available. Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Internet Explorer® 3DPlugin are also provided.

HEEDS: Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Software
HEEDS JSOL Corporation helps you accelerate the engineering process with the HEEDS® family of design optimization tools. Powerful, yet intuitive to use, our software products interface with popular CAE applications to automate and expedite the design process within your organization. Your team can also benefit from the optimization technology and expertise of our engineering consulting services. JSOL Corporation want to help you discover superior designs, faster!

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